Support to Conquer Burnout

Getting burned out while caring for a loved one is something most caregivers experience. We experience burnout at different levels at different times, but the key is to recognize it. Getting support is very important! There are ways to get support even in the most difficult situations. Here are three ways to get help so you can keep your own life on track.
Talk with other caregivers Talking with others to share experiences and information can be extremely beneficial. Not only will you find out more useful information, but also sharing the stories with each other can relieve some of your stress. Remember, some of your experiences will be humorous. Find local support groups or go online to share your experiences.
Ask for help Use your support network to alleviate some of your caregiver tasks. Ask your family and friends to help out periodically. You can also ask your loved one’s friends for assistance. This is not only helpful for you but can be beneficial for your loved one. When the person you are caring for sees more faces and has conversations with more people, then they feel that they have many friends and family who care about them. So, the more, the merrier!
Take a breather Find available respite services in your community. Is your loved one in Hospice care? Then inquire about Hospice respite services. You might even hire an in-home health care service a few days just to get some time for yourself or spend needed time with your family. Check with local charities and organizations that might offer these services. Another option might be Adult Day Care Services that you can depend on during the day a few times a week.