Carl_Kerridge_Photography_Kim_Fowler_July12014-2-Edit copyI have been there!

Growing up, I encountered many events that shaped my life. At a young age, my parents divorced, and my mother married a Navy pilot. We moved across the country, leaving my Dad and friends. For the next ten years, we would move every 18 months, leaving friends behind and making new ones. There were lots of changes, new cities, countries, schools and people.

My mother committed suicide when I was in the twelfth grade. I wish I could say that I handled it well, but I didn’t. I hit a really bumpy road for a while—making some terribly poor choices. I was stuck and could not get my life moving forward. After a lot of struggle and confusion, something happened. My thoughts came together and I realized that I had to change my behavior and my life — and I did.

I started seeing things differently. I had a mind shift that gave me clarity. I started making plans and setting goals. I graduated college and had a lot of successes in my life. I started working as an advertising director for a restaurant chain. I went on to work as a regional marketing director for a big corporation, and then at a trade association. I started my own business and sold it within two years. At last, I felt I was at the top of my game.

Since that defining moment in my life, I have witnessed other people going through losses and impactful changes in their lives. I have seen family members and friends go through changes and events in their own lives causing them to get stuck and overwhelmed like I did. I took the knowledge that helped me, and developed a process to help people move forward and live happy fulfilled and engaged lives again. I became a certified life coach and began helping people define a plan and move their lives forward.

The steps I put into place and the realizations I had during that dark time, later got me through other tragic events — my own divorce, hurricane devastation, and other family deaths. I have seen how differently some people handle these events. I have seen some people so overwhelmed they do not know what action to take, others pretend to move forward, but aren’t really making any progress. I have witnessed people who have become hoarders — afraid of letting go. I can understand how one’s life is impacted by certain life events.  I don’t want to see other people struggle like I did.

That’s why I started Transitional Coaching. My life has been all about change and getting past the setbacks to move forward. I became a certified life coach to help people get through dramatic changes in their lives — including spouse loss, divorce and other life-shaping events, so that they could stop being overwhelmed and reach their goals to fulfill their purpose.

Contact me today for a complimentary 30-minute session so that we can discover together how I can help you. No one has to undergo the change process alone.