Bring Your Vision to Life

Don’t let Life happen, make Life happen!

What you will accomplish during your 90-day jumpstart:

Part One: 

  • Create your vision and discover your purpose
  • Determine what you really want in this stage of your life and beyond
  • Analyze where you are versus where you want your life journey to take you
  • Clear the fog so you can re-energize and get clear with your ‘why’

Part Two: 

  • Build your roadmap so you can boldly move forward
  • Reinforce what you want and get out of your own way with confidence
  • Overcome your obstacles so you can see opportunities
  • Stop playing it safe so you can focus on results

Part Three: 

  • Create a strategy to keep you focused and motivated
  • Stay accountable so you can conquer your action plan to reach your goals

How it works:

Each meeting can be in person or by phone. The coaching sessions are usually 45 minutes in length. There may be a few exceptions. Clients are also encouraged to text or send emails between sessions, if needed. PLUS: Clients will have free admission to my workshops when possible.

Each program can be customized—based on the needs of the client.

Kim Fowler was in the corporate and non-profit world for over 20 years training sales groups, presenting to clients and managing marketing and creative departments.  She also spent time traveling across the country speaking to advertising groups and researching the industry. She has been a professionally certified life coach for 10 years and has her MBA from George Mason University. She is one of the authors of the book The Power of Coaching (2017).