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Being Mindful

Do you have daily rituals that you have incorporated into certain parts of your day? Many of us have routines that we perform, but we don’t even know we are doing them. Some of us get up, and before we do anything else, we turn on the TV. Others might grab a cup of coffee, or make the bed. These are habits we do daily without giving them a second thought.

What if you also incorporated some mindfulness throughout your day? Daily mindful rituals can help you reconnect with your spiritual side. Mindful means that you are conscious or aware of something, or being present. Being mindful helps you let go of distractions so that you are present, and not participating in a normal mindless routine. Below are some mindfulness rituals that you can incorporate into your day without much effort. Pick a couple or come up with your own.

  1. Take a bath before bed, and imagine washing away all of the stress or negativity of the day.
  2. Before bed make a list of all of the positive things that happened to you that day.
  3. Send a thank you card or make a phone call to someone everyday. Think about how important that person is to you and how grateful you are for the relationship.
  4. Spend five minutes alone every day to reflect on something that you have to do or that may have just happened.
  5. Write down three things you are thankful for every night before bed.
  6. Take a 10-minute walk every morning before work. Leave all of the electronics at home. Use this time to listen to the birds, look at the trees and smell the air.
  7. Take some time everyday to read alone without any distractions—no TV, phone or noise. Some people have a goal of thirty minutes a day, and others might have a page goal, such as 20 pages.
  8. Drink a cup of tea in the mornings or evenings. Really taste it and smell it—drink mindfully. Think about how warm the tea makes you feel. Herbal teas with strong scents can really make you feel relaxed or energized, depending on the flavor.
  9. Daily stretching can have many health benefits. Think about how your body feels while you are stretching. Do stretches that will make the most difference for you—lower back, sides, hamstrings—anywhere you feel stiff.
  10. Plant some flowers or an herb garden. Go out everyday and check on them. Notice how much progress they have made, how pretty they look, and how wonderful they smell.
  11. Make a point of watching the sunset every day (or rise, if you are an early morning person). Take in the beauty and be grateful for the opportunity.
  12. Your daily shower is a great place to be mindful. Think about how grateful you are to be able to take a hot shower every day. Smell the soap and shampoo, and feel the water and foam on your skin and in your hair. Think about how you want to spend your day, and how it will progress.
  13. Incorporate mindfulness into your meals. When you eat a meal, turn off the TV, and think about how wonderful the food smells and tastes. Eat it slowly. Think about how good it is for you, and how grateful you are to have it.
  14. Write a journal entry every night before bed, or in the morning. Use it as a time to reflect or to record ideas. Use journaling when you are stuck or having trouble starting something.
  15. Incorporate mindfulness into the daily habits you already have, like brushing your teeth or drinking your coffee.


After a week or two, see how much more grounded and focused you feel. Just like anything you start in life, consistency is key.