Are You Interested or Committed?

Are you still on track with your 2020 Goals? If not, this might let you off the hook for some of them. Look at your goals—are you interested in them, or committed to them?

You’ll only do what’s convenient and easy if you are just interested. You’ll come up with stories and excuses about why you can’t. You aren’t willing to go through the discomfort of changing yourself when you allow your past or present circumstances to control what you think and do. Change is absolutely required if you are serious about breaking free from your own beliefs, habits, and results. If you are only interested in them, scratch them off your list.

However, you’ll do what it takes when you are committed. You’ll take action in spite of your doubts and fears. You will upgrade your knowledge, skills, and belief system of what is possible for you to achieve. If you are serious and committed, you will choose to let go of anything that is holding you back. Strengthening your mindset is where you start and from there you make the internal shifts needed to overcome your mental and emotional obstacles. When you are committed, you override your subconscious, unpleasant emotions, and the automatic behaviors that keep you stuck. 

Change your subconscious thoughts order to change your mindset about limiting beliefs, fears and other self-imposed obstacles. Most of our limiting beliefs, etc. begin in our childhood and become ingrained in our subconscious mind. So, if you can change your subconscious thoughts, you can change your life. Recognize the lies that you tell yourself, and turn them around to dispel them. You can work through any fear or limiting belief that stops you. Work on your mindset to eliminate any self-imposed roadblocks. Dig deep to figure out why you have these beliefs. You may realize very quickly that they are based on long-held mistruths. 

Good luck with your goals, and stay committed!