Gratitude Quote On Dusty Black Chalkboard

Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the (almost) past year and everything that we can feel grateful for. Most of us don’t spend enough time feeling grateful for what we have. I started keeping a gratitude journal a few years ago, and would write in it at night to remind me of the great things that happened that day. But, then I stopped, because I started traveling a lot and would forget to take it with me.

My husband started keeping an electronic journal on his phone, so he would always have it. It wasn’t a gratitude journal, but it was fun going back to see what we were doing a year ago.  This Thanksgiving I am going to start my gratitude journal again. However, I am going to start with some basic questions that I thought I would share with you (just in case you keep one or want to start one).

  • Who are 3 amazing people in your life?
  • Is there something great that you love about your physical body…strength, thick hair, long legs…?
  • What was the most important event in your life this year that you are grateful for?
  • Are there areas in your home that are just the way you love them?
  • What is wonderful about your career or retirement?
  • What in your life makes you feel lucky?

These are just some starting points to consider. I am sure you can think of many more reasons to feel grateful for your life right now.