Journaling is a great way to make lasting changes in your life, reflect on how things are going, or to feel grateful for what you have in your life. I highly recommend journaling to my clients for various reasons. If you aren’t journaling or have never journaled, here’s how to get started.



  • First, start with an ‘About Me’ page. This will give you some insight about what stage of life you were in when you began, and what you might have been going through at that time. This is really helpful years from now when you go back and look at your past journals. You can really see how far you have come. Write about your job, foods you like, activities, friends, and family. You might even want to do this every time you start a new journal.
  • Know what your reason is for keeping it. Is it to reflect on events in your life, show gratitude for what you have in your life, find purpose and meaning, or to show progress on habits and goals? Maybe it is all of those, or none of those. There is no right reason, but it helps to have a ‘why’ so you will stay somewhat consistent.
  • Make sure to date your entries. This is also helpful for reflection, and other practical purposes. It can serve as a record of events if ever needed.
  • Don’t worry about what it looks like. There are no rules or restrictions about journaling. Just write what you are feeling, or what progress you have or haven’t made. There are no rules on grammar or aesthetics.
  • You don’t have to write in it every day—if you skip a day, you skip a day. Don’t feel any guilt about it—especially in the beginning. You don’t want that to stop you.
  • Find a journal that you connect with. Some people like to have a lined journal and some want white blank pages. I like to write on lines. Also, there are some very nice journals with inspiring quotes and pictures on them. Get one that speaks to you. If you are looking for a journal, you can find some really nice, reasonably priced ones at Marshall’s, World Market and Target.

There are plenty of reasons to start journaling. Let me know if you start (and I hope you do), or if you already journal, let me know what you journal about.


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