Fresh and Clean IdeasHave you ever noticed how creative your mind becomes while you are taking a shower? I feel like I have literally solved world problems in the shower. But, sure enough, once I step out, I forget every great idea I had! Why is that?

Creativity is at it’s best when our brain releases dopamine. Guess what happens when we do something that is relaxing? Our brain releases dopamine. Our brain is free to think creatively rather than focusing on problems. The more dopamine released, the more creative we are. Dopamine is released when we exercise, drive home from work or take a warm shower. Another reason we are creative in the shower is because taking a shower is a distraction from our everyday thoughts. Our mind gets to wander.

So, here’s your challenge. Buy a Eureka Board or Aqua Notes for your shower. It is a waterproof pad of paper so you can take your notes with you out of the shower. It also comes with a pencil. I have a Eureka Board (see image), but it may be sold out. I hear the Aqua Notes work just as well. It’s a wonderful concept! So now, watch out world—all of your creative ideas can now come to fruition!

Eureka Board and Aqua Notes

If you get one, email me and let me know how you like it.


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