Challenge #3 Trivial AnnoyancesImagine this scenario – You jump out of bed in the morning and head into the kitchen. You take out a coffee cup and notice there’s a chip on it. (ugh!) Then you go to get the coffee out of the cabinet and the cabinet door squeaks. (ugh!) You finally get your coffee made and head into the bathroom to take a shower. You notice that one of the light bulbs is out over the mirror. (ugh!) You take your shower and start getting dressed. You take your favorite pair of pants out of the closet and notice that there is a stain on them. (ugh!)

Every one of those little “ugh’s” is a little bit of energy draining out of you. By the time you get into the car to head to work, your energy is not exactly 100%. I call these little energy drains ‘Trivial Annoyances’ that we encounter throughout the day.

Here’s your challenge: Carry a notebook with you, or use your phone, to record every little trivial annoyance that you encounter for one week. Then at the end of the week, either replace or repair every one of those annoyances. Do this once a quarter and watch yourself perk back up after your energy drains are plugged! Let me know how it goes on my Facebook page or email me. Here’s to more Energy!


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