Challenge 12 Reflect and Success

How are you picturing yourself this time next year? What kind of vision have you painted for yourself? I hope it is big and amazing! I hope you really plan on stretching yourself this year.  You deserve to have the best life that you can imagine.

How can you get out of your head (and comfort zone) to make tons of progress this year? Here are some steps you can take to help make this a great year!

  • Make a list of accomplishments.  What were your successes last year? Write down 50 accomplishments. Look in your planner, calendars, and journals. You will be surprised at how much you got done. Read that list and pat yourself on the back.
  • Make a list of everything you didn’t get accomplished. Write down everything you thought you would get done but weren’t able to finish (or maybe even start). Read that list and write down the reasons/excuses as to why they didn’t get accomplished. Do you notice a theme? If you see a common thread in your list, then maybe you need to focus on a specific habit, area or mindset. If there isn’t a theme, then take a deep dive to see if there might be some hidden themes. Maybe you have an issue with procrastination, fear, or commitment—be honest with yourself. It could be something as simple as the project not being relevant to you anymore, so don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Get clear on what you want this year to look like, and what you really want to accomplish. Write down those goals, and know why you want each of those goals. Once you have the real reason written down, you will be more committed to fulfilling that goal.
  • Break your goals down by quarter. Figure out which quarters you will work on each goal. I believe strongly in 90-day goals or shorter. If you have a goal that will take more than one quarter—for example ‘lose 50 pounds,’ then break it down into 2 or more goals. Maybe you can lose 25 pounds by March 31st (first quarter) and then another 25 pounds by June 31st (second quarter). This trick makes the goals seem more realistic and achievable.
  • Be accountable. Put a system in place to help you, or get a buddy to keep you accountable. I have an accountability partner for my business. Just knowing that I have to talk with her at the end of the week, makes me get things done that I really don’t want to do. I procrastinate less often and get the important things done.

Cheers to You! I hope you have an amazing, safe and healthy year!

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