Challenge 1 Get SMARTERAs the year goes on and we start to review our resolutions that we didn’t accomplish, my challenge to you is…make them into goals instead. Only 8% of resolutions get accomplished. To beat those odds, define your resolutions as SMARTER goals instead. (Source: Michael Hyatt)

Specific—write goal statements as specific as possible, not vague.

Measurable—include a measurable component to your goal. Your measurement could be a unit of time, distance or even money. This measurement is used to let you know when you have succeeded and also help you track your progress.

Actionable—your goal has to be something that you can take action on immediately, even if it’s just one small step. Start your goals with action verbs, not be verbs.

Risky—set high enough goals to get you out of your comfort zone.

Time-keyed—you should have a deadline or frequency on your goal. For instance, you would put a deadline on “run a 5k by March 31st” (established goal), but a frequency for “walking 30 minutes daily” (habit).

Exciting—your goals should be challenging to inspire you, not easy or boring.

Relevant—your goals should be in alignment with each other and your values.

So, write your goals as SMARTER goals, and you will make greater progress this year!

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